Top reads on Indian microeconomics

I usually don't do this but I am tempted to share an amazing thread by Prof Chinmay Tumbe of IIM-A on some of the top reads in Indian Microeconomics. Sharing some of his recommendations here: 2. Journal of Quantitative Economics, started in 1983 by The Econometric Society of India (TIES); On Springer, volumes [...]

18 percent of 50

Wikipedia has been a deeply unequal place and this wasn't going to change anytime soon. But thanks to the efforts of academics and researchers and gender experts around the world, the gender gap on Wikimedia has narrowed. Check out the figures for every country here. Since 2015, ‘Women in Red’ project based has been leading [...]


Sinking deep into an abyss has been the recurrent nightmare I have suffered since childhood. When I was a child, dreaming of my utter collapse into the giant, unfathomable pit of nothingness would leave me in sweat. I was a dreamer, I still am, so how could I sink until I had burst out in [...]