Pallavi Singh

pallavi singhI write, edit, research, and help run startups. I am a trained economic historian, political economy analyst, and writer of narrative non-fiction focused on contemporary India.  I am working on my first book on the political economy of development in urban India.

I am strongly bilingual – my Hindi stories and essays can be found on my old blog, STORY CELLAR ~ कहानी घर.

In my first decade of work as a journalist, I put people in stories at a time the Indian media was still discovering the virtues of long-form and enterprise reportage. My assigned beats implored the journalist in me to break stories. Yet, my obsessive quest to talk about people in my stories led me to report on bomb blasts, true crime and violent social, political and economic unrest in India with the richness of layered narrative frameworks. I have worked with Mint, The Indian Expressand Hindustan Times and written on policy, politics, political economy, identity politics, gender, Muslim education, health, culture, and true crime.

In the second decade of my work beginning 2015, I have trained as an economic historian in New Delhi and London; helmed critical roles at some of India’s fastest-growing startups; and continued writing and reporting, besides working on my research interests in capitalism and inequality.

I was a scholar at the London School of Economics. I also write op-eds for Newslaundry hereReportage and Long Form Enterprise stories in The Indian Express here and in Mint here


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