Would you like to go to MIT without clearing college?

This may become possible if Nobel winners Duflo and Banerjee’s efforts are successful. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is trying the idea in the field of poverty alleviation, hoping that the approach will allow it to enrol students from around the world who have the ability and motivation to succeed but lack the traditional credentials for entry. […]

Video lecture series on Inequality

Economics professors Arjun Jayadev and Branko Milanovic have collaborated on a video lecture series on Inequality – the five vidoes, free to watch, clearly and succinctly explain what Inequality is all about, why you should care and other fundamentals you have been wondering about for long. It’s cut-the-clutter stuff that you shouldn’t miss. Watch here: […]


I am launching EconHistorienne, my twice-a-month newsletter for original storytelling from India. Through this newsletter, I will deliver Narrative Storytelling on Inequality, Capitalism, Globalization and Social Unrest in India and essays on History to contextualize these themes. Why should you subscribe to my newsletter? Because you read, you value great research, you love good writing, […]

Replugging Marginal Revolution interview with Vox media’s Ezra Klein because he is awesome!

My Conversation with Ezra Klein http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/marginalrevolution/feed/~3/S5rdzp8xwf0/my-conversation-with-ezra-klein.html — Read on feedproxy.google.com/~r/marginalrevolution/feed/~3/S5rdzp8xwf0/my-conversation-with-ezra-klein.html

The business of caste in India

Priyanka P. Narain and Pallavi SIngh Mumbai/New Delhi: Images of adventure reside in their collective memory—journeys into the cobbled streets of Antwerp to compete with powerful Hasidic Jew merchants for grubby stones, which, when polished and cut, would sparkle and dazzle. The journey that transformed the Palanpuri Jains from cloth and perfume traders into moguls […]