The Understanding Money Mechanics I am a big sucker for economists explaining things, and an over sharer of all such knowledge made public. After Arjun Jayadev and Franko Milanovic’s free online video lecture series on Inequality, here is another one worth your time (link above) – The Understanding Money Mechanics series – by Robert P. Murphy. This is all going […]

Share from Mostlyeconomics: Three development paradigms of Indian economy

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Link between education and the industrial revolution – Sharing Amol Agarwal’s post

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Why would a girl in Norway call herself a Hindu Cowgirl?

Don’t jump to conclusions right away and check this out: This is the breathtaking video feed of a lady train driver/engineer who works on the Bergen Line in Norway and shoots stunning videos while driving on the route way from the driver’s cabin. She is clearly smitten by Hindu cows, hence the name. She […]