Ivy League or Russell Group?

I think this week quite settles the question, for now. The immigration controversy has exposed the racism inherent in US immigration policy and Trump administration has exposed it only too well.

Now, this happened today:

This is a welcome development but the results are yet to be seen. So far, foreign students at US universities are in pain, facing threats of non-renewal of visas or deportation:

In contrast, universities in the UK have opened visa offices, issued CAS to students starting this year, offered safe campus commitment to students, and in some cases, are now planning chartered flights for students. Queen’s University, Belfast seems to be at the forefront of these efforts, and I mention this with a certain degree of pride. UK government has now made changes in its visa policy too, extending post study work visa for students joining UK universities. At least on the count of immigration rules, UK universities are winning at the moment.

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