Stephen Marglin

Everyone this week has been raving about this interview and it's not for no reason. Harvard economist Stephen Marglin talks about his India connection in this interview with Maya Adereth, Shani Cohen and Jack Gross on Phenomenal World. Interesting conversation, richly framed. Don't miss it.

Usne Kaha Tha

Usne Kaha Tha - a short story by Chandradhar Sharma Guleri - is one of my most favorite short stories in Hindi. "Mujhse kudmai karegi" evokes so many emotions even today. You know if you have read the story. Today, for my podcast Chausar Sakhi, I attempt reading out the story for you. The Chausar [...]

dear beautiful minds, don’t be perfect

If life doesn't give you what you truly deserve, what must you do? When you can not be perfect, but you won't settle for any less, what do you do? I won't answer because these questions have no answers. Different people have answered it differently over the years. It's the difference in their responses that [...]

Mumbai floods

Floods in Mumbai are an annual affair. I know this may hurt some people but the day I visited Mumbai for the first time, it was raining cats and dogs, and exactly 21 days later, a major flooding of the financial capital took place. Financial Times reported this last year - the headline points to [...]

Ruth Alice Allen

Ruth Alice Allen, born in Texas in 1889, could be justly called a role model for women economists, if nothing more, and with a burst in feminist scholarship in recent years, it is only befitting that Allen’s work is rediscovered now. At a time when it was difficult for women to secure academic positions, Allen [...]

Emmanuel Farhi: Too young to say goodbye

I didn't know Emmanuel Farhi except as someone invested in economics and the scholarship of economists. But his death has left me with several pressing thoughts. In an earlier post on this blog written immediately after his death, I had laid out the condolences and conspiracy theories around his death. Today, I am writing more [...]

Book alert!

Dr John Turner and Dr Will Quinn of Queen's University Belfast have written a brilliant new book titled 'Boom and Bust', which is a fascinating account of the ten bubbles in history occurring in the 19th century Australia to modern China. In the words of the The Enlightened Economist: Each episode is set in the [...]

Google All the Way and Oral History Interviews

This is a terrific and eye-opener of a report I read this past week on how Google search tricks us and cleverly keeps us on Google. Read on here to be surprised, really. Sums it up rather brilliantly: Here is a very interesting oral history interview where historian Reed Chervin interviews his doctor cousin, Dr. [...]

Emmanuel Farhi

Prof. Emmanuel Farhi was too young to die. Moving tributes poured in from people who knew Dr Farhi when he passed away on July 23rd, 2020. Just 41, Dr Farhi was a brilliant economist and as some of his colleagues described him, a future "Nobel winner". Robert C. Waggoner Professor of Economics in the Economics [...]

EconHistorienne #5: Scattered, aren’t we all?

In India, we are really scaling new heights - in Covid-19 infections, I mean. With economic growth predictions shuttering to new lows and other critical issues on the back burner, I have been feeling low too . I have been doing too much of red hat thinking lately and it’s NOT all good (I am [...]