I am an economic historian in training, and writer/editor at EconHistorienne, a newsletter on capitalism, entrepreneurship and globalisation. If you would like to stay in touch with my current work, please consider signing up for EconHistorienne or email me.

My academic research is focused on studying the origins of globalization and capitalism, and how individuals have shaped the process throughout the course of history. From merchants in Surat, Rajasthan and Kolkata to their counterparts in the British empire, their journeys reveal unique insights into global trade and networks across continents. From their intimate, close-knit community ties to their extended networks, the research looks at the emergence of unique economic cultures and traces the cultural map of individual trajectories and persisting influences.

Recipient of the LSE-India scholarship of the UK government at the London School of Economics, I studied Economic History and International Development before embarking on my research at QUCEH in the U.K.

In my past life, I have worked as a journalist with some of India’s leading newspapers and digital media publications such as The Indian Express, Mint, Newslaundry, Article 14, and Hindustan Times. I have put people in stories, helped set up Indian journalism’s earliest Long Form and Enterprise team at Mint, and extensively reported on bomb blasts, true crime, business and political economy; policy, politics and identity politics; capitalism and globalization; and violent social, political and social unrest in India with the richness of narrative storytelling.

I have trained in economic history in India and the United Kingdom; and helmed critical leadership roles in marketing and audience engagement at some of India’s fastest-growing startups backed by News Corporation.

I am a bilingual writer, equally at ease writing poetry and short stories in Hindi and English. My first two collections of poetry – Lover of Many Moods and Chausar Sakhi – are now available on Amazon. Storycellar is my old Hindi blog.

I also host an arts podcast where I read out my poetry and short stories occasionally. Check it out here.