How Hamilton Created U.S. Economic Independence

EconHistorienne Issue #3 is Out

Issue #3 of EconHistorienne, a newsletter to help us make sense of inequality, capitalism and globalisation around the world, is out today. Last week, EconHistorienne followed a doctor at a hospital in India’s national capital New Delhi to chronicle his regular day at work and the worsening health inequalities during Covid-19 pandemic. Just as I [...]

Pandemic of Inequality Won’t Let Us Breathe

Illustration by Parag Dabke. The world we live in is getting scarier as disturbing events unfold. Floyd’s gruesome killing has sparked fierce reactions globally and we are now left tracing its roots to the long-standing racial prejudices that have existed alongside decades of material prosperity. We know this could be traced to British colonialism in [...]

Are Firms Too Risk-Averse?

Interesting research on firms and their capacity to take risks. While firms may be risk averse, employees can be evaluated on what they can control and not on what they can not control. This and more useful points here.

I am watching this old video of myself and feeling yuck.

I have always wondered what is it about the past that makes us nostalgic. Is it the overnight obsession with all things lost to time, or just an emotional journey we must undergo so that we can make peace with the present? None of these make sense to me so when I look back at [...]

EconHistorienne collaborates with Newslaundry

Folks, if you are reading my newsletter EconHistorienne, you also know that I released issue 2 on May 18. Some of my favorite publications expressed interest in publishing the piece. I wasn't expecting this because the piece was written exclusively for the newsletter. A week after it was originally published, EconHistorienne today collaborated with Newslaundry [...]

Hat tip: Macroeconomics seminar series

Lockdown has led to wonderful season of webinars and if you love Macroeconomics and Economic History, here are the webinars I recommend: The Graduate Institute Geneva has been conducting this fabulous series for those who are interested in Microeconomics, and just this week, we had Prof James Robinson presenting his studies on the economic effects [...]

A memoir about an off-the-grid childhood and breaking out of it

Tara Westover's memoir starts with her life in the hills of Idaho in America until she turned 17 and left home for an access to formal education, not without murmurs of disquiet and disapproval from her family. Living life off the grid for the first seventeen years of her life, Tara goes through an entire [...]

7 Things Govt Could Have Done To Stop the Delhi Riots

7-things-govt-could-have-done-to-stop-the-delhi-riotsDownload The law, judgments and precedents are unanimous: the police are empowered, can and must take urgent action to curb rioting. As former police chiefs tell us, the Delhi riots could have been stopped at many levels and stages. They were not. First published in Article-14. PALLAVI SINGH New Delhi: The toll in the deadliest [...]

Sec 144, CrPC: Is the law being misused? I find out

Here is a piece I wrote for Article 14 on Section 144 of the CrPC: why-2-courts-stopped-police-from-using-a-colonial-lawDownload This is the law that has been used by the police only too frequently to put restrictions on anti-CAA protests across India. But is such frequent use an abuse of the law? Read to find out.