I edit/write EconHistorienne, a newsletter on what has gone inside economies and economic events over time and how that shapes our present.

The newsletter focusses on essays, book reviews and new research on economic history and business history. As an economic historian / business historian in training, my areas of interest are capitalism, entrepreneurship and globalisation, and how these processes shape social capital and trust.

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As a journalist, after years of in-depth, long-form reportage on inequality, true crime and political economy, I am curious about the future of capitalism and globalisation, with an eye on how the macro processes shape the individuals at the centre of massive upheavals.

Before embarking on my research project at QUCEH, I was tracking Indians struggling through a slowing down economy and Covid-19. In previous roles, I led digital marketing and communications at leading MNCs and newsrooms.

Besides my journalism and research, I write stories and poetry under the penname The Belfast Writer. I recently collaborated on a poetry project funded by the Northern Ireland Arts Council.

I studied Economic History and International Political Economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science focusing on Trade and Globalisation and Business / Economic History of South & Southeast Asia, and Print, Broadcast and New Media Journalism at Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.

I love solo travels, music, and drawing illustrations.

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