Mother India

Mother India, a photo series to capture and tell the stories of young mothers in India, was born out of passion in 2015, after the conversation on declining percentage of working women in India’s workforce gained ground.

Mother India is pretty amazed at the ever-lasting appeal of motherhood in India. When women have a choice to go all out there and work, they embark on motherhood one day and readily give up on their flourishing careers and their enormous potential to be great successes at work.

Mother India wants to map and nurture and keep getting amazed by the process. Mother India wants to hear the stories – on culture continuing to shape lives and culture transforming itself, in India. It’s a case of competing processes – while making babies continues, there is much within the domestic space that seems to be changing. Much stays where it has been for many, many years.

Mother India is clearly fascinated, curious, bewildered, sometimes anxious.

What does it mean to be a mother in different situations, with different identities? What does it mean to be a Mother that is not-so-like we expect mothers to be? What is it like to be the mother that one is? What is it be to a mother without bearing anyone? What is it to be a mother when you haven’t wanted to, when you aren’t ready to?

What does it mean when you want to but when just cannot?

We keep reading stuff, don’t we, and we have some idea. But there is need to know more, hear more, narrate more.

Mother India started with a Facebook community, and now, a web presence is in the works.

Do stay tuned.

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