A memoir about an off-the-grid childhood and breaking out of it

Living life off the grid for the first seventeen years of her life, Tara goes through an entire gamut of challenges that she, along with her siblings, treated as ordinary as getting through another day without school.

‘Good research is vital’

This very interesting interview with Alpa Shah is a must-read for anyone aspiring to write narrative non-fiction. Shah, a professor of anthropology at my alma mater London School of Economics, speaks beautifully and honestly about her writing process while working on ‘Nightmarch’ and has great messages for both academics as well as writers of the…… Continue reading ‘Good research is vital’

Mid-year Mini List of Favorite Non-fiction Reads

You know I am into non-fiction, writing and reading. A consistent trend in non-fiction writing has been the emergence of academics as non-fiction writers and as more and more do so, we can clearly see how some of them are gifted writers. I laid my hands on two super books of narrative non-fiction this year…… Continue reading Mid-year Mini List of Favorite Non-fiction Reads

Bhicoo Manekshaw | Feast of love

On a December day in 1974, at a small dinner party to celebrate the wedding of then prime minister Indira Gandhi’s younger son Sanjay, the menu was appropriately sophisticated: a hot lobster soufflé, duck à la orange and a jardinière platter of vegetables. Dessert was a problem, though. A cold dessert was out of the…… Continue reading Bhicoo Manekshaw | Feast of love

Holidays by Shatabdi | On a train, spotting birds, scaling mountains

Trains carry a nostalgic value, relics of a childhood when holidays began and ended with rail journeys. The Shatabdis, Indian Railways’ super-fast trains that connect the metros to tourist, pilgrimage and business centres, still retain that quintessential charm, says Lonely Planet’s latest travel guide. In a pocketbook format, Holidays by Shatabdi lists 30 possible great…… Continue reading Holidays by Shatabdi | On a train, spotting birds, scaling mountains