Kabir Singh Doesn’t Exist In An Alternate Universe. Fellow Feminists, It’s Time To Accept It

Though it’s a bit late in the day, here are my thoughts on Kabir Singh, the movie, which has been trashed by feminists as utterly vile and sickening for the sheer misogyny of its lead character played by Shahid Kapoor. A few critics have argued that Kabir Singh, the character, is so misogynistic that he […]

In this book of history, you are the hero

Shubhashree Sangameswaran was a software engineer, decoding programming questions with her technical expertise and poise. Then she became a life chronicler. One fine day in Bangalore, where pleasant weather makes up for the congestion on roads, she began to unravel human hearts. Preservation movement: Founder of My Life Chronicles and personal historian Sumit Chowdhury (right) […]