Gender gaps in education

Interesting new paper from Dr Ashwini Despande of Ashoka University on gender gaps in school education in India, which underlines the persisting gaps in the quality of education offered to girls as compared to boys. The paper notes that “the gender gap in private schooling increased slightly over the period, with the largest increase in…… Continue reading Gender gaps in education

Inequality in publishing

Gender neutrality in economics: The role of editors and referees Yet another paper confirming what we have known all along: Women academics face a higher bar for punishing in journals than their male peers.

surgeons and sex

How Medieval Surgeons Shaped Sex and Gender Fascinating take on the historical origins of how sex and gender came to be defined, and the role of medical surgeons in it.

18 percent of 50

Wikipedia has been a deeply unequal place and this wasn’t going to change anytime soon. But thanks to the efforts of academics and researchers and gender experts around the world, the gender gap on Wikimedia has narrowed. Check out the figures for every country here. Since 2015, ‘Women in Red’ project based has been leading…… Continue reading 18 percent of 50


More than 100 years ago, in the iconic Citizenship In A Republic speech, US President Theodore Roosevelt outlined the key drivers of a successful republic: the quality of its citizens and high calibre political leaders who would hold the average citizen to a high standard—not just by words, but by deeds as well. The Aam…… Continue reading WHAT ATISHI’S DEFEAT AND PRAGYA SINGH THAKUR’S WIN TELL US ABOUT INDIA