You are a startup

..and you need to keep pivoting. Continue reading here.

Writing like a nerd

Lol, that’s my slang for academic writing. It’s rigorous, theory and evidence based and critical in its pursuit of facts. In a newsroom, my challenge was to simplify and explain the news and offer a news peg; in academia, the challenge is to encapsulate complex ideas without repetition or obfuscation, never forgetting that critiquing is equally important to any good academic work. Here is my list …

Notes on how to write

Should writers write from personal experience or attempt something completely foreign to their understanding? How can they write anything beyond what they know and if they can’t, can we say they aren’t writers but mere memoirists?

50 before I die

Making to-do lists is banal. We may never get around to doing them. But perhaps, putting them on a list will help me stay focussed. I need daily reminders of things I want to do before I die. Here is the first 14 out of 50 in the order of priority: 1. Work on strength…… Continue reading 50 before I die

Oral History Interview for SAADA

Such a lovely interview by Gaiutra Bahadur (whose Coolie woman is one of my favorite books based on the life of the subaltern) of her aunt Kokila Bahadur for SAADA, who arrived in America when she was in her late 20s as a nurse trainee at a local hospital. Today, she is 81 and in…… Continue reading Oral History Interview for SAADA

The Girl With The Peacock Tattoo

It was always the tattoo that stood out. Peacock tattoo on the waist. It hurt to get it done but then, is there ever any gain without pain? Neetu Singh Solanki knew it only too well. She was a girl from Matiala, the congested suburb in West Delhi that we hear of only during elections,…… Continue reading The Girl With The Peacock Tattoo